340 Clip Bumper Fender Cowl Trim Panel Retainer Assortment For BMW Audi Ford

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  • Fitments:1996-2015,2017 Audi A4, 1998-2009,2013-2017 Audi A6, etc.
  • Made of high quality raw materials
  • Easy to install
  • Increase fuel economy and life of your air filter
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2020 Buick Encore Essence 4Cyl 1.4L

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car push pin rivet trim clip panel retainer kit for ford 340 pcs

12 Kinds of Rivets













30Pcs #A16

Radiator Yoke, Fender & Bumper Shield Retainer

Black Nylon

For GM Replaces 1595864, 1605396

For Ford Replaces 388577S

For Ford Replaces W705589-S300

For Chrysler Replaces 6030441

7.9mm Hole Size

Head Diameter: 18mm

Stem Length: 20mm

30Pcs #A14

Fender & Bumper Shield Retainer

Black Nylon

7.9mm Hole Size

Head Diameter: 17.6mm

Stem Length: 15.5mm

For GM Replace 332364

For Ford Replace 389358

For Chrysler Replace 3691590 6031321

For AMC Replace 4004569

15Pcs #A98W

Interior Trim Panel Retainer

Natural Nylon

7.8mm Hole Size

Head Diameter: 24.4mm

Stem Length: 18.8mm

For GM Replaces 2048248

For Chrysler Replaces 6003423


15Pcs #A98

Door Trim Panel Retainer

Black Nylon

7.9mm Hole Size

Head Diameter: 24.3mm

Stem Length:18mm

Fits Following Models 1975-On

For VW Replaces N989022

For Ford Replaces 385661-S

For Chrysler Replaces 6003349, 6032363

50Pcs #A06

Door Weatherstrip Retainer

Black Nylon

6mm Hole Size

Head Diameter: 10mm

Stem Length: 12mm

13/64"(5.3mm) Hole Size

Panel Range: 0.030"-0.285"

Fits For Dodge Ram 1994-On

For Chrysler Replaces 6502328

For GM Replaces 20699808 1974-On

10Pcs #A157

Bumper Fascia Retainer

Black Nylon

Head Diameter: 7/8" (22mm)

Stem Length: 28mm

Fits 25/64" (10mm) Hole Size

Panel Range .040" - .787"

For GM Replaces 1631564

For Ford Replaces N804379S 1986-On

For Buick, For Cadillac 1981-On

& For Oldsmobile 1981-On,

Fits For Ford Taurus 1986-On

Fits For Mercury Sable 1986-On

35Pcs #A126

Hood Insulation Retainers

Black Nylon

Head Diameter: 20mm

Stem Length: 9mm

Fits Into 6mm Hole

For Mazda Replaces G030-68-885-B-38

For Ford Replaces F22Z-16774-A

For Ford Replaces GA2A-56694

30Pcs #A14W

Fender & Bumper Shield Retainer

Natural Nylon

Head Diameter: 17.9mm

Stem Length:16.4mm

For GM Replaces 332364

For Ford Replaces 389358

For Chrysler Replaces 3691590, 6031321

For AMC Replaces 4004569

50Pcs #A02

Cowl Grille Retainer

Black Nylon

Head Diameter: 12mm

Stem Length: 16mm

Stem Diameter: 6mm

Fits For 240SX 1990-On

Replaces For For Nissan: 01553-01781

25Pcs #A12

Shield Panel Retainer

Battery Post Cable Shield

Engine Splash Shield

Radiator Side Air Baffle

Black Nylon

Head Diameter: 18mm

Stem Length: 27.6mm

Fits Into 1/4" (6.4mm) Hole

Fits For Chevrolet Corvette 1997-2004

For GM Replace 10121502 (1989-On)

For Chrysler Replace 6033082, 6033840

For Ford Replace 390018-S

20Pcs #A70

Trunk Lining Retainer

Black Nylon

Head Diameter: 20mm

Stem Length: 20mm

Fits Into 7.5mm Hole

Overall Length: 23mm

For VW Replace N902-016-01H

For BMW Replace 51-47-1-904-317

For FORD Replace 6998849

For OPEL Replace 2207713

These clips are used to attach interior

trim panels including the door cards, trims,

carpet & boot linings.


100% Brand New Items, Never Used Or Installed

Product Specifics

  • Manufacturer Part Number: E15053604CP
  • Brand: ECCPP
  • Warranty: 6 Month
  • UPC: Does not apply
  • Placement on Vehicle: Left, Right, Front, Rear
  • Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
  • Type: 340Pcs Automotive Push Type Retainer Kit
  • Material: Plastic Clips, Plastic Box
  • Other Part Number: Screw Fender Body Door Trim Panel Hood
  • Package Includes: 340 Clips + 1 Plastic Box
  • Box size: approx. 27.4x17.7x4.2cm
  • Quantity: 340pcs
  • Color: Black/White
    Fit for many Brand Vehicles, such as Volvo, BMW, GM, Ford, For For Toyota, Honda, For For Nissan, Mazda, Chrysler, Volkswagen, +Mercedes Benz And Audi
    Comes with a case for convinient carrying and safe storage
    suitable for firmly holding anything within a suitable hole


1. Please check the size, type and shape as much as possible to make sure the item is the one that you need.

2. Easy to install, but professional installation is highly recommended!


1Pcs Car Rivets Kit (340pcs)

1Pcs Plastic Box

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Part Fits For

Audi A41996~2015|20171.8L|2.0L|2.8L|3.0L|3.2L
Audi A61998~2009|2013~20172.0L|2.8L|3.0L|3.2L
Audi Q52011~2012|2014~20162.0L|3.0L
Audi Q72007~2012|2015|20172.0L|3.0L|3.6L|4.2L
Audi R82014~20165.2L
Audi S62007~20105.2L
BMW 325i2006~2010|20122.0L|2.5L|3.0L
BMW 328is19992.8L
BMW 330i2001~20063.0L
BMW 330xi2001~20063.0L
BMW 3351939~1940--
BMW 335d2009~20113.0L
BMW 335i GT xDrive2014~20163.0L
BMW 335i xDrive2009~20153.0L
BMW 335is2011~20133.0L
BMW 335xi2007~20083.0L
BMW 528i1979~1981|1996~2000|2008~20102.8L|3.0L
BMW 530i2001~20103.0L
BMW 535i1985~1993|2008~2012|20153.0L|3.5L
BMW 535i GT2010~20173.0L
BMW 535i GT xDrive2011~20173.0L
BMW 535i xDrive2011~20163.0L
BMW 535is19883.5L
BMW 535xi20083.0L
BMW 540i1994~1995|1997~2003|20173.0L|4.0L|4.4L
BMW 540i xDrive20173.0L
BMW 545i2004~20064.4L
BMW 550i2011~20164.4L
BMW 550i GT2010~20154.4L
BMW 550i GT xDrive2010~20174.4L
BMW 550i xDrive2011~20164.4L
BMW 733i1978~19843.2L
BMW 735i1985~19923.5L
BMW 735iL1988~19923.5L
BMW 740i1997~20004.4L
BMW 750Li xDrive2011~20154.4L
BMW 750i20104.4L
BMW 750iL1988~20015.0L|5.4L
BMW 760Li2003~20156.0L
BMW 760i2004~20066.0L
BMW 840Ci1996~19974.4L
BMW M22016~20173.0L
BMW M235i2014~20163.0L
BMW M31999|2001~2006|2008~2011|2013|20173.0L|3.2L|4.0L
BMW M51993|1999~2003|2006~2010|2012~20173.0L|3.6L|4.4L|4.9L|5.0L
BMW M61987~1988|2006~2013|2015~20173.5L|4.4L|5.0L
BMW X12010|2012~2014|20172.0L|3.0L
BMW X32004~2010|2012~2013|20172.5L|3.0L
BMW X52000~2013|2015~20173.0L|4.4L|4.6L|4.8L
BMW X62008~2010|2012|2014|20173.0L|4.4L
BMW Z32000~20023.0L|3.2L
BMW Z82000~20034.9L|5.0L
Chevrolet Astro1988|1995|20034.3L
Chevrolet Avalanche2008|20135.3L
Chevrolet Avalanche 150020055.3L
Chevrolet Avalanche 250020048.1L
Chevrolet Aveo2006|2012|20161.6L
Chevrolet Aveo520071.6L
Chevrolet B601981|198614.0|8.2L
Chevrolet B71994|20017.0L|7.2L
Chevrolet Beretta1990|19952.2L|2.3L
Chevrolet Blazer1972|1989|1994|1999|20054.1L|4.3L|5.7L|6.2L
Chevrolet Brookwood19726.6L
Chevrolet C101975|19814.1L|7.4L
Chevrolet C10 Pickup1966|19714.1L|6.6L
Chevrolet C10 Suburban1969|1975|1981|19864.1L|5.0L|5.7L|6.5L
Chevrolet C15001991|19975.7L|6.2L|6.5L
Chevrolet C1500 Suburban19986.5L
Chevrolet C201978|19864.1L|4.3L|4.8L|5.7L|6.6L
Chevrolet C20 Pickup1961|1968|19744.1L|4.3L|4.8L
Chevrolet C20 Suburban1968|1975|19814.8L|7.4L
Chevrolet C25001988|19965.0L|5.7L|6.2L
Chevrolet C2500 Suburban19966.5L
Chevrolet C301979|19854.8L|5.7L|6.2L|7.4L
Chevrolet C3520005.7L
Chevrolet C35001993|19985.7L|6.2L|6.5L|7.4L
Chevrolet C4019623.8L|4.3L|4.6L
Chevrolet C4500 Kodiak20096.6L|8.1L
Chevrolet C501960|19753.8L|4.1L|4.3L|4.6L|4.8L|6.0L|7.0L
Chevrolet C5500 Kodiak20096.6L|8.1L
Chevrolet C601967|19834.6L|4.8L|5.0L|5.4L|6.0L|7.8L|8.2L
Chevrolet C70199010.4|7.0L|8.2L
Chevrolet C850020097.8L|8.1L
Chevrolet Camaro1972|1982|1990|1997|20102.5L|2.8L|3.1L|3.8L|5.0L|5.7L|6.2L
Chevrolet Caprice1967|1983|2011|2013|20173.8L|4.1L|5.0L|5.7L|6.0L|7.0L
Chevrolet Cargo Van1997|20034.3L|5.7L
Chevrolet Cavalier1982|1989|20011.8L|2.0L|2.2L|2.4L|2.8L
Chevrolet Celebrity19862.8L
Chevrolet Chevelle1967|19725.0L|5.3L|6.5L|7.4L
Chevrolet Chevette19861.6L|1.8L
Chevrolet Chevy19991.4L
Chevrolet Citation19812.5L|2.8L
Chevrolet Cobalt20062.2L
Chevrolet Colorado20133.6L
Chevrolet Commercial Chassis19945.7L
Chevrolet Corsa2002|2005|20081.4L|1.8L
Chevrolet Corsica19912.2L|3.1L
Chevrolet Corvair1960|19672.3L|2.7L
Chevrolet Corvair Truck19642.7L
Chevrolet Corvette1961|1994|20144.6L|5.7L|6.2L
Chevrolet Cruze20101.8L
Chevrolet El Camino1959|1969|1976|1983|19873.8L|4.3L|4.6L|5.0L|6.5L|6.6L
Chevrolet Epica20062.5L
Chevrolet Equinox20053.4L
Chevrolet Express 15001999|20144.3L|5.0L|5.3L|5.7L
Chevrolet Express 25002000|20074.8L|5.0L|5.7L|6.0L|6.5L
Chevrolet Express 35001996|2005|2010|20134.8L|5.7L|6.0L|7.4L
Chevrolet Express Cargo2015|20176.0L
Chevrolet Express Pasajeros20136.0L
Chevrolet Fleetline19523.8L
Chevrolet Fleetline Truck1952--
Chevrolet G101978|1983|19954.1L|4.3L|5.0L|5.7L
Chevrolet G10 Van1966|19723.8L|4.1L
Chevrolet G201980|19884.1L|4.3L|6.2L|6.6L
Chevrolet G20 Van19705.0L
Chevrolet G301977|1984|1990|2001~20024.1L|4.3L|5.7L|6.2L|6.6L
Chevrolet G30 Van19734.1L
Chevrolet HHR20102.0L
Chevrolet Impala1960|1968|1975|1982|1996|20073.5L|4.6L|5.0L|5.3L|5.4L|5.7L|6.5L|6.6L
Chevrolet K101979|19854.1L|6.2L
Chevrolet K10 Pickup1960|1963|19733.8L|4.6L|4.8L|5.7L
Chevrolet K10 Suburban1968|1975|19834.1L|5.0L|5.7L|6.2L|6.5L
Chevrolet K15001992|19974.3L|5.0L|5.7L
Chevrolet K1500 Suburban19985.7L
Chevrolet K201981|19865.7L|6.2L
Chevrolet K20 Pickup1960|1962|19683.8L|4.3L|4.6L|5.3L|5.7L
Chevrolet K20 Suburban1967|19814.1L|4.6L|4.8L|5.3L|5.7L
Chevrolet K25001988|1994|19994.3L|5.0L|5.7L|6.5L|7.4L
Chevrolet K2500 Suburban1993|19995.7L|6.5L|7.4L
Chevrolet K3019814.8L|5.7L|7.4L
Chevrolet K30 Pickup19734.8L
Chevrolet K35001992|19975.7L|6.2L|6.5L|7.4L
Chevrolet K5 Blazer1976|19834.1L|5.7L
Chevrolet Kingswood19594.6L
Chevrolet L3020005.7L
Chevrolet LCF 4500HD20175.2L
Chevrolet LLV1989~19952.2L|2.5L
Chevrolet LUV19801.8L
Chevrolet Lumina1995|2000~20013.1L|3.4L
Chevrolet Lumina APV19963.4L
Chevrolet Lumina Van19963.8L
Chevrolet Malibu1998|2005|2014|20171.5L|2.0L|2.2L|2.4L|2.5L|3.1L|3.5L
Chevrolet Matiz2011~20151.0L
Chevrolet Meriva2004|2007~20081.8L
Chevrolet Metro1992|20011.3L
Chevrolet Monte Carlo1977|1995|2001|20073.1L|3.4L|3.5L|3.8L|5.0L|5.3L|5.7L
Chevrolet Monza1976|19803.8L|5.0L
Chevrolet Nomad19603.8L|4.6L|5.7L
Chevrolet Nova1970|19851.6L|5.0L
Chevrolet Optra2004|2008~20102.0L
Chevrolet P1019764.8L
Chevrolet P10 Series19603.8L
Chevrolet P10 Van1967--
Chevrolet P2019814.8L|5.7L
Chevrolet P20 Series19633.8L|4.8L
Chevrolet P301975|1989|2001~20024.3L|4.8L|5.7L|6.2L|7.4L
Chevrolet P30 Van19692.6L|4.8L|5.0L
Chevrolet P401980|19884.3L|4.8L
Chevrolet P600019966.6L|7.0L
Chevrolet S101994|20042.2L|4.3L
Chevrolet S10 Blazer19904.3L
Chevrolet SS20176.2L
Chevrolet SSR20045.3L
Chevrolet Sedan Delivery1959--
Chevrolet Silverado19965.7L
Chevrolet Silverado 15002002|20115.3L|6.2L
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 HD20066.0L
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 HD Classic20076.0L
Chevrolet Silverado 250020085.3L
Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD2002|20176.0L
Chevrolet Silverado 35002001|2013|20176.0L|6.6L
Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD20096.0L|6.6L
Chevrolet Spark20161.4L
Chevrolet Spectrum19851.5L
Chevrolet Suburban19875.7L
Chevrolet Suburban 150019995.7L
Chevrolet Suburban 250020076.0L
Chevrolet T650020077.8L
Chevrolet T750020077.8L
Chevrolet T850020057.8L
Chevrolet Tahoe20054.8L|5.3L
Chevrolet Tornado20141.8L
Chevrolet Trailblazer20024.2L
Chevrolet Truck19463.8L
Chevrolet Uplander20053.5L
Chevrolet V2500 Suburban19915.7L|6.2L
Chevrolet Vectra20062.8L
Chevrolet Venture20053.4L
Chevrolet W3500 Tiltmaster19983.9L|5.7L
Chevrolet W4500 Tiltmaster20014.8L|5.7L
Chevrolet W5500 Tiltmaster1999|20104.8L|5.2L
Chevrolet W5500HD Tiltmaster20065.2L
Chevrolet W7500 Tiltmaster19946.5L
Chevrolet Zafira20062.2L
Dodge 60019882.2L|2.5L
Dodge A1001967--
Dodge A108 Van19672.8L
Dodge Atos2002|20121.0L|1.1L
Dodge Avenger1995|20122.0L|2.4L|2.5L|3.6L
Dodge B10019793.7L|5.2L
Dodge B15019893.9L|5.2L
Dodge B20019753.7L|5.2L|5.9L
Dodge B25019813.7L|5.2L|5.9L
Dodge B35019875.9L
Dodge B350019965.9L
Dodge CB30019793.7L|5.2L|5.9L
Dodge Caliber20122.0L|2.4L
Dodge Challenger20093.5L|5.7L|6.1L
Dodge Charger1966|20103.5L|5.7L|5.9L|6.1L|6.3L|7.0L
Dodge Colt19871.5L|1.6L|2.0L
Dodge Conquest19862.6L
Dodge Coronet19593.8L|5.3L|5.9L|6.3L
Dodge Custom19605.9L|6.3L
Dodge D10019863.7L|5.2L|5.9L
Dodge D100 Panel19763.7L|5.9L
Dodge D100 Series19632.8L|3.7L
Dodge D15019853.7L|5.2L|5.9L
Dodge D200 Pickup1968|19743.7L|6.6L
Dodge D200 Series19643.7L
Dodge D2501981|19903.7L|5.2L
Dodge D300 Pickup1959|19723.8L|4.3L|5.1L|5.9L|7.2L
Dodge D300 Series19643.7L
Dodge D35019885.9L
Dodge DM35019915.9L
Dodge Dakota1991|2001|2006|20102.5L|3.7L|3.9L|5.9L
Dodge Dart1964|1969|1982|20142.0L|3.7L|4.5L|5.9L|6.3L
Dodge Daytona1987|19932.2L|3.0L
Dodge Deluxe19463.8L
Dodge Durango2001|2004|20113.6L|3.7L|5.7L|5.9L
Dodge Dynasty19893.0L
Dodge Grand Caravan1989|1997|2002|2008|20142.4L|3.0L|3.3L|3.6L|4.0L
Dodge H1002003|20072.4L|2.5L
Dodge Intrepid1994|20023.5L
Dodge Journey20133.6L
Dodge Lancer1956|19872.2L|5.1L
Dodge M3001971--
Dodge M3751973--
Dodge M4001974--
Dodge Magnum1982|20063.5L|5.7L|5.9L|6.1L
Dodge Meadowbrook1949|19523.8L
Dodge Mini Ram19852.2L
Dodge Mirada19813.7L
Dodge Monaco1971|1974|19923.0L|5.9L|6.3L|6.6L|7.2L
Dodge Neon2000~20012.0L
Dodge Nitro20093.7L|4.0L
Dodge Omni1979|19851.6L|1.7L|2.2L
Dodge P10019624.1L
Dodge P100 Van1963--
Dodge P20019644.1L
Dodge P200 Van1967|1970--
Dodge P30019644.1L
Dodge P300 Van1960|1962|1969|1973--|3.7L|3.8L
Dodge Phoenix19615.9L
Dodge Polara1960|1964|1970|19732.8L|3.7L|5.6L|5.9L|6.3L|6.6L|7.0L|7.2L
Dodge Power Wagon1957|19593.8L
Dodge RM4001973~1974--
Dodge Raider19892.6L|3.0L
Dodge Ram 150020023.7L|3.9L|4.7L|5.9L
Dodge Ram 1500 Van20035.2L
Dodge Ram 25001997|2004|20085.7L|5.9L|6.7L
Dodge Ram 35001998|2001|20055.7L|5.9L|8.0L
Dodge Ram 3500 Van1997|20035.2L|5.9L
Dodge Ram 400020025.7L
Dodge Ram 501987|19932.4L|2.6L
Dodge Ram 550020106.7L
Dodge Ramcharger1983|19875.2L|5.9L
Dodge Rampage19822.2L
Dodge SX 2.020052.0L
Dodge Seneca19613.7L|5.9L|6.3L
Dodge Shadow1987|19942.2L|2.5L
Dodge Sierra19554.4L
Dodge Spirit19952.5L
Dodge Sprinter 25002007|20093.0L|3.5L
Dodge Sprinter 35002003~20042.7L
Dodge Stealth19953.0L
Dodge Stratus1995|2000|20062.0L|2.4L|2.5L
Dodge Truck1939|1950|19583.3L|3.9L|5.1L
Dodge Van 100020092.4L
Dodge Viper1999|2010|20178.0L|8.4L
Dodge W1001976|1985|19893.7L|3.9L|5.2L|5.9L
Dodge W100 Pickup19583.8L
Dodge W100 Series1961|19653.7L
Dodge W1501979|1981|1988|19913.7L|3.9L|5.2L|5.9L
Dodge W200 Pickup1958|1971|19743.7L|3.8L|5.9L|6.3L|6.6L
Dodge W200 Series1961|19633.7L
Dodge W2501982|1985|19905.2L|5.9L
Dodge W30019763.7L|5.2L|5.9L
Dodge W300 Series1963|19673.7L|4.1L|6.3L
Dodge W3501981|1987|19915.9L
Dodge WD1519463.6L|3.9L
Dodge WD201941--
Dodge Wayfarer19493.8L
Dodge Wm300 Pickup19684.1L
Dodge Wm300 Power Wagon19593.8L
Ford AT9513199814.0
Ford Aerostar1989|1993|19973.0L|4.0L
Ford Anglia1950|1954|1968--|1.0L|1.2L
Ford Bronco1974|1977|1985|19883.3L|4.9L|5.0L
Ford Bronco II19872.9L
Ford C60019846.1L|8.2L
Ford C7000198610.4
Ford C80019806.1L|8.2L
Ford CF700019896.6L
Ford CF800019876.6L|7.8L
Ford CL9000199010.0|14.0|14.6
Ford CLT9000198512.1|14.0|14.6|9.0L
Ford CT8000198710.4
Ford Capri1963--|1.3L
Ford Consul1954--|1.5L
Ford Cortina1965--|1.5L|1.6L
Ford Country Sedan1951|19662.8L|3.3L|3.7L|3.9L|4.7L|5.8L|6.4L|7.0L
Ford Country Squire1954|1965|19894.2L|4.7L|5.0L|7.0L
Ford Courier1978|20081.6L|1.8L|2.3L
Ford Courier Sedan Delivery1956|19593.6L|4.4L|4.8L|5.8L
Ford Crestline19503.7L|3.9L
Ford Crown Victoria19994.6L
Ford Custom19663.9L|4.7L|5.8L|6.4L|7.0L
Ford Custom 50019756.6L|7.5L
Ford Customline19523.5L|3.9L
Ford E-100 Econoline1972|19833.9L|5.0L
Ford E-100 Econoline Club Wagon19764.9L
Ford E-15020084.6L|5.4L
Ford E-150 Econoline1985|20014.2L|4.6L|4.9L|5.0L|5.4L
Ford E-150 Econoline Club Wagon19834.9L
Ford E-200 Econoline19723.9L
Ford E-25020065.4L
Ford E-250 Econoline1977|19954.9L|7.5L
Ford E-250 Econoline Club Wagon19767.5L
Ford E-350 Club Wagon20056.0L
Ford E-350 Econoline1983|1989|19995.4L|6.9L|7.3L|7.5L
Ford E-350 Econoline Club Wagon1977|20024.9L|5.4L|7.3L
Ford E-350 Super Duty2006|20145.4L|6.0L|6.8L
Ford E-450 Econoline Super Duty20015.4L|6.8L|7.3L
Ford E-450 Super Duty20056.0L|6.8L
Ford Econoline19995.4L
Ford Elite19756.6L|7.5L
Ford Escape20042.0L|3.0L
Ford Escort19921.8L|1.9L
Ford Excursion20055.4L|6.0L|6.8L
Ford Expedition20135.4L
Ford Explorer2002|20172.3L|3.5L|4.0L|4.6L
Ford F-1001957|19743.6L|3.9L|4.4L|4.8L|4.9L|5.0L|5.8L|5.9L|6.4L|7.5L
Ford F-1501992|20093.8L|4.2L|4.6L|4.9L|5.0L|5.4L
Ford F-2501954|1967|20013.6L|3.9L|4.6L|4.9L|5.8L
Ford F-3501971|1998|20143.9L|4.9L|5.0L|5.9L|6.2L|6.4L
Ford F-50019755.4L|5.9L|6.4L
Ford FT80019866.1L|7.0L
Ford Fairlane19603.6L|3.7L|4.8L|5.8L
Ford Falcon19652.8L|3.3L|4.3L|4.7L
Ford Festiva19891.3L
Ford Fiesta20041.6L
Ford Fiesta Ikon20111.6L
Ford Flex20163.5L
Ford Focus20122.0L
Ford Fusion20151.5L|2.0L|2.5L
Ford GT4019654.7L|7.0L
Ford Galaxie19643.6L|4.3L|4.7L|5.8L|6.4L|7.0L
Ford Galaxie 50019633.3L|3.6L|3.7L|4.3L|4.7L|5.8L|6.4L|6.6L|6.7L|7.0L
Ford Granada19812.3L|3.3L|4.2L
Ford Grand Marquis19984.6L
Ford Ka20021.6L
Ford L8000198310.4
Ford L8000F19877.8L
Ford L9000199310.0|11.1|14.0|14.6
Ford L9501199810.3|10.8
Ford LA9000198910.0|14.0|14.6
Ford LL9000198710.0|14.0|14.6
Ford LN60019826.1L|8.2L
Ford LN70001982|199510.4|5.9L
Ford LN8000198610.4
Ford LN9000199110.0|14.0|14.6
Ford LNT80019827.0L
Ford LNT90019817.8L
Ford LNT9000198214.0|14.6|7.0L|9.0L|9.3L
Ford LS8000F19917.8L
Ford LS9000198710.0|14.0|14.6
Ford LT8000F19897.8L
Ford LT9000198610.0|14.0|14.6|9.0L
Ford LTA9000199510.0|10.8|11.1|12.7|14.0|14.6
Ford LTD19673.9L|4.7L|5.8L|6.4L|7.0L
Ford LTL90001982|199710.8|14.0|14.6
Ford LTS8000198710.4|7.8L
Ford LTS8000F19917.8L
Ford LTS9000198810.0|14.0|14.6
Ford Lobo20064.6L|5.4L
Ford Mustang1967|20023.3L|3.8L|4.6L|4.7L|6.4L|7.0L
Ford P-10019622.4L|2.8L|3.6L
Ford P-3501957|19683.6L|3.9L|4.4L|4.9L|6.4L
Ford Pinto19721.6L|2.0L
Ford Police Interceptor Utility20133.7L
Ford Probe19902.2L|3.0L
Ford Ranch Wagon19523.5L|3.9L
Ford Ranchero19663.3L|4.7L|5.8L
Ford Ranger1984|1992|2001|20172.0L|2.2L|2.3L|2.5L|3.0L|3.2L
Ford Sable20003.0L
Ford Zephyr19602.6L
Volvo 1221962|1967--|1.8L
Volvo 1421967--|1.8L
Volvo 1441967--|1.8L
Volvo 16419753.0L
Volvo 24219842.1L|2.3L
Volvo 24419782.1L
Volvo 24519802.1L
Volvo 26219812.8L
Volvo 26419812.4L|2.8L
Volvo 26519762.7L
Volvo 4441951|19581.4L|1.6L
Volvo 44519571.4L|1.6L
Volvo 54419641.8L
Volvo 74019882.3L
Volvo 76019882.3L|2.8L
Volvo 78019872.8L
Volvo 85019932.4L
Volvo 96019972.9L
Volvo 180019651.8L
Volvo C3020092.5L
Volvo C7020052.4L
Volvo DL19842.1L
Volvo FE19926.6L
Volvo S401999|20101.9L|2.5L
Volvo S6020072.4L
Volvo S7019982.3L|2.4L
Volvo S802007|20162.0L|3.2L|4.4L
Volvo S9019972.9L
Volvo V40 Cross Country20172.0L
Volvo V6020142.0L
Volvo V7020052.4L|2.5L
Volvo VAH201410.8
Volvo VT200916.1
Volvo WG200110.8|11.1|14.0
Volvo XC6020142.0L|3.0L|3.2L
Volvo XC702003|20132.5L|3.0L|3.2L
Volvo XC9020032.5L|2.9L

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