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Wheels & Tires

Wheels & Tires

About Wheels & Tires

Nothing can dramatically affect a vehicle's appearance and performance as much as a set of custom wheels and performance tires. Most cars and trucks are available with just a few optional wheel choices, so if you drive a popular model you probably see another “yourself” everywhere you go. Custom wheels will give your car or truck a unique tatus symbol, distinctive look that will make it stand out from the rolling masses, especially if you opt for larger diameter rims. Factory tires are designed for the "average" driver, but that's not you, and if you want more traction and better looks, on the street or in the dirt, we can set you up with the better rubber that will do the job and go perfectly with your wheels.

Wheel spacers suitable to your application may vary in size from one to dozens of millimeters depending on the wheels you're going to install and the offset you want to get. When choosing spacers with a significant thickness, pay special attention to the material they are made from since its durability is crucial for safe and reliable performance.

If you're ready to transform your ride, you won't find a better selection of custom wheels anywhere. ECCPP have everything from one-piece cast wheels to high-tech multi-piece wheels in styles to suit every taste or every model, in sizes for every application, and at prices for every wallet. Choose from timeless, classic styles to the most advanced, cutting edge designs. And if you'd like the wheels you choose in a different color or finish, we can customize your rims in our in-house paint facility. You can preview how your wheels will look before you buy them in our wheel customizer tool.

Once you've decided on a set of custom wheels, we can mount the tires of your choice, balance the assemblies and have them delivered to your door. We carry all-season, winter/snow, performance, all-terrain, and off-road tires . Our wheel and tire packages come complete with nuts, ready to install on your car or truck. Buying a wheel and tire package makes it easy to switch between snow tires or racing tires if you change tires for the winter or for track days.

Besides the best custom wheels selection, when you deal with us you also get a buying experience. It starts with our dedicated wheels & tires team. Collectively they have decades of wheel and tire experience and they're ready to assist you and make sure you get the right wheel and tire combination for your vehicle and suspension setup. Their expertise is why we can guarantee that the wheels and tires you buy from us will fit your vehicle. And all orders are shipped in packaging by the most efficient express , to ensure your wheels and/or wheels and tires are in perfect condition when they arrive at your door.

If you don't have the ideal wheel and tire combo for your car, we have other wheel accessories that can give you the clearance you need for wider tires or the installation of aftermarket brake kits. And no matter how aggressive the tread is on your tires, it may not provide enough traction for safe travel on ice and hard packed snow. You can get the most useful life from your tires and wheels when they're maintained and protected. In our wheel & tire accessories we offer easy to install wheel and tire. And if you have a tailgate mounted spare, we have spare tire covers to protect it, many with unique designs or logos so you can give your ride a personal touch.