3" Downpipe Electric Exhaust Cut-Out Valve 1997 Acura CL 2000-2001 Acura Integra One Remote Controller Kit

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  • Fitment:1997 Acura CL, 2000-2001 Acura Integra, etc.
  • High Quality Material
  • No Leakage and Crack
  • High Horsepower and Torque
  • Maximizing Smoothest High Exhaust Air Flow Rate
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Exhaust Cutout For Acura 1 Qty

3" Downpipe Electric Exhaust Cut-Out Valve 1997 Acura CL 2000-2001 Acura Integra One Remote Controller Kit

The high-quality exhaust pipes can improve the exhaust air flow rate and ensure you have a better driving experience.

The mission of ECCPP is that bring high-quality automotive accessories to every corner of the world. We aim to provide the best quality auto parts at the best purchasing. Our high-quality products and professional services are looking forward to becoming the preferred choice for your reliable brand.

ECCPP offers you to check out our great selection of Automotive Replacement Exhaust pipes.


  • Directs exhaust gases away from the engine.
  • Reduces engine noise by muffling the sound of exhaust gases.
  • Helps to improve fuel efficiency by regulating backpressure in the exhaust system.
  • Prevents harmful gases and pollutants from entering the cabin.


1. Professional installation is recommended.

2. Please don't hesitate to write to us if you have any problems. We are always here to help you.

Product Specifics

  • Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
  • Mounting Style: Clamp-on
  • Finish: Chrome Polished Stainless Steel
  • Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
  • Item Diameter (Exterior): 3
  • Color: Chrome
  • Placement on Vehicle: Rear
  • Type: Exhaust cutout
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Modified Item: No


2 x Electric exhaust cut out, 1 x Wireless Remote, 1 x Y-Adaptor, 2 x Wire Harness, 2 x Motor, As the picture shown

Exhaust Cutout For Acura 1 Pcs

High-Temperature Inoxidizability

Exhaust in the high-temperature cycle for a long time. The oxidation resistance of the material at high temperatures directly affects the service life of the exhaust. The exhaust system of ECCPP is resistant to high temperatures and has good oxidation resistance

Exhaust Cutout For Acura 1 Pcs

OE Specified Design

The exhaust system produced by the original factory has the characteristics of anti-deformation and anti-cracking, so that your exhaust system will not leak, can extend the service life of the engine, and has a better sense of experience

Exhaust Cutout For Acura 1 Pcs

First-Rate Service

The professional after-sales team is always at your service. If there are any problems, whether it is a product problem, order problem, address replacement, or purchase error, you can send us an email and you will be sure to get a satisfactory solution

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Part Fits For

Acura CL19972.2L|3.0L
Acura Integra1997|2000~20011.8L
Acura Legend1986|1989|19912.5L|2.7L|3.2L
Acura NSX1991~1992|1997|2000~20033.0L|3.2L
Acura RL1996|1998|2000~2003|2006|2008~20103.5L|3.7L
Acura RSX2002~2004|20062.0L
Acura SLX1996|19983.2L|3.5L
Acura TL1996|1998~1999|2001~2004|2008~20092.5L|3.2L|3.5L|3.7L
Audi A41996|1999|2004~2005|20071.8L|2.0L|2.8L|3.0L|3.2L
Audi A4 Quattro1999|2005|20071.8L|2.0L|2.8L|3.0L|3.2L
Audi A61995|1997|2007|20102.8L|3.2L
Audi A6 Quattro1995|1997|2005~2006|2009~20102.8L|3.0L|3.2L|4.2L
Audi A819973.7L
Audi A8 Quattro1997~1998|2000|2006|2008~20104.2L|6.0L
Audi S41992~1994|2000~2002|2006|2008~20092.2L|2.7L|4.2L
Audi S520084.2L
Audi S61995|2002~20032.2L|4.2L
Audi S82001~20034.2L
Audi TT2000~2001|2003~2004|20061.8L
Audi TT Quattro20041.8L|3.2L
Audi V8 Quattro1991~19943.6L|4.2L
BMW 128i20093.0L
BMW 135i2008~20103.0L
BMW 318i1992~1994|19981.8L|1.9L
BMW 318is19941.8L
BMW 323i19982.5L
BMW 323is1998~19992.5L
BMW 325Ci20042.5L
BMW 325i1988~19892.5L
BMW Z320022.2L|2.5L|3.0L|3.2L
BMW Z42006|2008~20092.5L|3.0L|3.2L
Cadillac CTS2004|2006|20092.8L|3.2L|5.7L|6.0L|6.2L
Cadillac SRX2004|2007|20094.6L
Cadillac STS2007|20094.4L|4.6L
Chevrolet Camaro1980~1985|1987~1989|1991|1994|1996~1997|1999~2002|20102.5L|2.8L|3.1L|3.4L|3.8L|4.4L|5.0L|5.7L|6.2L
Chevrolet Caprice1981~1982|1984~1989|1991|1994|19963.8L|4.3L|4.4L|5.0L|5.7L
Chevrolet Cavalier1983~1984|1986~1987|1989|1991~1994|1996~1997|1999~2000|2002~20042.0L|2.2L|2.4L|2.8L|3.1L
Chevrolet Cobalt2005~2007|20102.0L|2.2L
Chevrolet Corvette1984~1985|1987|1989~1990|1992~1993|1995|1997|1999~2000|2002|2004~20105.7L|6.0L|6.2L
Chevrolet Impala1981~1983|1985|1994~1995|2000~2002|2005~20103.4L|3.5L|3.8L|3.9L|4.3L|4.4L|5.0L|5.3L|5.7L
Chevrolet Malibu1982|1998~2006|2008~20092.2L|2.4L|3.1L|3.5L|3.8L|3.9L|4.3L|4.4L|5.0L|5.7L
Chrysler 3002006|20083.5L|5.7L|6.1L
Chrysler 300M1999~2001|2003~20043.5L
Chrysler PT Cruiser2001|2003|2006|20092.4L
Chrysler Sebring1995|1998|2000~2002|2004|2006~2007|20092.0L|2.4L|2.5L|3.0L|3.5L
Dodge Avenger1995~1998|20092.0L|2.4L|2.5L|3.5L
Dodge Charger1983~1986|2007|20101.6L|1.7L|2.2L|3.5L|5.7L|6.1L
Dodge Colt1990~19941.5L|1.6L|1.8L|2.0L|2.4L
Dodge Intrepid1993~1998|2000~20043.2L|3.3L|3.5L
Dodge Magnum20073.5L|5.7L|6.1L
Dodge Neon1996~1997|1999~20042.0L|2.4L
Dodge Stealth1991~1993|19963.0L
Dodge Stratus1996~1997|1999~20052.0L|2.4L|2.5L|3.0L
Dodge Viper1992|1994|1996~1997|1999|2002|20108.0L|8.4L
Ford Escort1981|1983~1984|1987|1990|1994~1995|1997|2000|20021.6L|1.8L|1.9L|2.0L
Ford Mustang1987|1993|1995|1998|2000|2002~2007|20102.3L|3.8L|3.9L|4.0L|4.6L|5.0L
Honda Accord1987~1988|1990|1992~1993|1996|2001|2005~2007|2009~20102.0L|2.2L|2.3L|2.4L|2.7L|3.0L|3.5L
Honda Civic1990|1992~1993|1999|2001|2003~2004|2006|20091.3L|1.5L|1.6L|1.7L|1.8L|2.0L
Honda Civic del Sol1995|19971.5L|1.6L
Honda Prelude1987|1990|1995|1997|1999|20011.8L|2.0L|2.1L|2.2L|2.3L
Honda S20002006|20092.2L
Hyundai Accent1995|1997|19991.5L
Hyundai Elantra1995|1999~2000|2002|20081.6L|1.8L|2.0L
Hyundai Tiburon1998|2000|20082.0L|2.7L
Infiniti G352005|2007~20083.5L
Infiniti I352002~20043.5L
Infiniti J301994~19963.0L
Infiniti M3520073.5L
Infiniti M452003~2004|2006~2008|20104.5L
Infiniti Q451991|1993~2000|2002~20064.1L|4.5L
Jaguar S-Type2000|2003|2005~2006|20083.0L|4.0L|4.2L
Lexus GS3001993~2001|2003|2005~20063.0L
Lexus GS3502007~20103.5L
Lexus GS4302001|2003~2004|2006~20074.3L
Lexus GS450h2007|2009~20103.5L
Lexus GS4602008~20104.6L
Lexus GX46020104.6L
Lexus GX4702004|20094.7L
Lexus IS F2008~20095.0L
Lexus IS2502008~20092.5L
Lexus IS3002001|20043.0L
Lexus IS3502008~20093.5L
Lexus LS4001996~19974.0L
Lexus LS4302001~2002|20044.3L
Lexus LS4602008|20104.6L
Lexus LS600h2008|20105.0L
Lexus SC3001992~1993|1996~19973.0L
Lexus SC4001996~1997|19994.0L
Lexus SC4302002|2005|2007~2008|20104.3L
Mazda 32005~2007|20102.0L|2.3L|2.5L
Mazda 52006~2007|20102.3L
Mazda 62004~2007|2009~20102.3L|2.5L|3.0L|3.7L
Mazda 3231986|1989~1990|1992|19941.6L|1.8L
Mazda 6261980~1981|1986|1990~1992|1994~1997|1999~20022.0L|2.2L|2.5L
Mazda CX-72007|20092.3L
Mazda CX-920093.7L
Mazda MX-31993|19951.6L|1.8L
Mazda MX-5 Miata2006|20082.0L
Mazda MX-61988|1990~1991|1993|19952.0L|2.2L|2.5L
Mazda Miata1990~1993|1995|1997|1999~20051.6L|1.8L
Mazda Protege1993|1995|1997~2001|20031.5L|1.6L|1.8L|2.0L
Mazda Protege520032.0L
Mazda RX-71985~1986|1988|19931.1L|1.3L
Mazda RX-82008|20101.3L
Mini Cooper2004|2008|20101.6L
Mitsubishi 3000GT1994|19973.0L
Toyota MR2 Spyder20051.8L
Toyota Yaris2007~20091.5L

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