408pc Body Retainer Fastener Clip Assortment for Nissan Subaru Jeep For Toyota

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  • Fitments:1990-1992,1995-2017 Ford F-150, 2003-2017 GMC Sierra 2500 HD, etc.
  • Made of high quality raw materials
  • Easy to install
  • Increase fuel economy and life of your air filter
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car push pin rivet trim clip panel retainer kit for ford 408 pcs

18 Kinds of Rivets



















30 Pcs of Clip A

Retaining Clip

Panel Retainer

Black Nylon

Head Diameter: 14mm

Stem Length: 16mm

Fits Into Hole: 6mm

Fits For For Nissan Replaces 76906-T3000

For Auveco A14353

40 Pcs of Clip B

Retaining Clip

Black Nylon

Head Diameter: 13mm (0.51")

Stem Length: 13mm (0.51")

Fits Into 5mm Hole (0.20")

Panel Thickness: 3mm (0.12")

For For Toyota Replaces 90467-07050

For For Toyota Replaces 01553-00172

For Auveco A14737

25 Pcs of Clip C

Nylon Nut

Natural Nylon

#10 Screw Size


100% Brand New Items, Never Used Or Installed

Product Specifics

  • Manufacturer Part Number: E15054311CP
  • Brand: ECCPP
  • Warranty: 6 Month
  • UPC: Does not apply
  • Placement on Vehicle: Left, Right, Front, Rear
  • Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
  • Type: 408Pcs Automotive Push Type Retainer Kit
  • Material: Plastic Clips, Plastic Box, Metal Tool
  • Other Part Number: Screw Fender Body Door Trim Panel Hood
  • Package Includes: 408 Clips + 1 Plastic Box + 1 screwdriver
  • Box size: approx. 27.4x17.7x4.2cm
  • Quantity: 408pcs
  • width: 17mm
  • Length: 17mm
    Snaps Into 8mm x 8.5mm Hole
    Fits For Honda Replaces 90662-671-0030
    Fits For Mazda Replaces 9991-00-503
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 68425-H5000
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 62698-V7000
    For Auveco A14313
    15 Pcs of Clip D
    Screw Type Fender Liner Clip
    Splash Shield Blind Rivet
    Fits For Mazda Replace FB01-56-964
    Fits For Honda Replace 90675-SB3-003
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 63876-95596
    For B16 B18 B18C B20 H22A EK9 EG6
    For Accord Civic Prelude CR-V Del Sol
    For CRX TYPE R Si
    Black Nylon
  • Head Diameter: 20.6mm (0.81")
    Head Diameter: 14mm
    Head Diameter: 20mm (25/32")
    Head Diameter: 16mm
    Head Diameter: 15mm (0.59")
    Head Diameter: 20mm
    Head Diameter: 20mm
    Head Diameter: 29.4mm
    Head Diameter: 20mm
    Head Diameter: 20mm
  • Stem Length: 9.5mm (0.37")
    Fits Into 8mm (0.32") Hole
    For Auveco A16000
    50 Pcs of Clip E
    Retaining Clip
    Black Nylon
    Stem Length: 11mm
    Fits Into 6mm Hole
    Stem Length: 18mm (23/32")
    Stem Length: 20mm
    Stem Length: 8mm
    Stem Length: 11mm (0.43")
    Stem Length: 18mm
    Stem Length: 15mm
    Stem Length: 22mm
    Stem Length: 4mm
    Stem Length: 17mm
    Stem Length: 14mm
    Stem Length: 20mm
  • Panel Thickness: 4mm
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 62869-N4700
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 76997-P7100
    For Auveco A14723
    15 Pcs of Clip F
    Grille Grommet
    Black Nylon
    Width 22mm
    Length 26mm
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 62380-U7400
    Fits For Sentra 1987-1990
    Fits For Pathfinder 1987-1995
    Fits For 200SX 1979-1987,
    Fits For 720 Pickup 1980-1986
    Fits For Hardbody Pickup 1986-1997
    For Auveco A17196
    15 Pcs of Clip G
    Push-Type Retainer
    Inner Fender Shield Clip
    Black Nylon
    Fits Into 8mm (5/16") Hole
    Fits For Mazda Replaces NA01-56-145
    Fits For Ford Replaces NA01-56145
    Fits For Ford Replaces MNA01-56-145
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 63844-01A00
    For Auveco A16858
    20 Pcs of Clip H
    Body Side Moulding Clip
    Black Nylon Retainer
    Fits Into 8mm Hole
    Fits For Sentra 1986-On
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 76882-57A00
    For Auveco A18265
    40 Pcs of Clip I
    Push-Type Retainer
    Cowl Grille Clip
    Black Nylon
  • Head Size: 8mm x 12mm
    Fits Into 6mm Square Hole
    Fits For Pick-Up 1986-On
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 66814-01G00
    For Auveco A16725
    30 Pcs of Clip J
    Push-Type Retainer
    Black Nylon
    Fits into 6mm Hole (0.24")
    For Honda Replaces 90684-SA5-0030
    For Isuzu Replaces 8942981190
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 10998-30880
    For Auveco A14696
    8 Pcs of Clip K
    Bumper Cover Clip
    Push Type Retainer
    Black Nylon
    Head Size: 20mm x 30mm
    Fits Into 10mm Hole
    Fits For Mazda 626 1998-2002
    Fits For RX7 1993-1995
    Fits For RX8 2003-On, MX6 1993-1997
    Fits For G35, GMC Suburban 1994-1997
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 01553-01393
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 86651-27000
    Fits For Mazda Replaces BF82-50-233
    Fits For Mazda Replaces MBF8250233
    For Auveco A16843
    10 Pcs of Clip L
    Fender/Wheel Housing
    Nylon "U" Nut
    Black Nylon
    #12 Screw Size
  • Panel Range: Up To 2mm
  • Center Of Hole To Edge: 9mm
    Fits For Sentra
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 63848-D4000
    For Auveco A17385
    25 Pcs of Clip M
    Trim Panel Retainer
    Black Nylon
  • Stem Diameter: 4.5mm
    Fits Into 5mm Hole
    Fits For Honda Replaces 90667-SA7-0030
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 89427-98070
    For Auveco A16775
    10 Pcs of Clip N
    Push Type Clip
    Black Nylon
    Fits Into 8mm Hole
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 63878-01E10
    Fits For Maxima 1994-On
    Fits For Ford
    For Auveco A20348
    15 Pcs of Clip O
    Flush Sheet Plug
    Black Nylon
  • Hole Size: 22.2mm
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 36056
    25 Pcs of Clip P
    Screw Grommet
    White Nylon
    #10 Screw Size
    12mm Wide x 19mm Long
    Fits Into 8mm x 15mm Hole
    Fits For Honda Replaces 90683-693-0000
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 78856-R4301
    For Auveco A14690
    20 Pcs of Clip Q
    Push-Type Retainer
    Black Nylon Clip
    Fits Into 8mm Hole
    For Honda Replaces 91545-SE0-0030-W1
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 63848-01G00
    For Auveco A16782
    15 Pcs of Clip R
    Front Bumper Fascia Clip
    Push Type Retainer
    Black Nylon
    Fits Into 8mm Hole
    Fits For 300ZX 1990-On
    Fits For For Nissan Replaces 63854-01A00
    Fits For Mitsubishi Replaces MB547806
    For Auveco A17472
  • Color: Black/White
    Universal for Ford, For For Nissan
    Fit for motorcycle, buses, cars, trains, planes, truck, caravan and more
    18 types, large quantity, meet your various needs
    Comes with a case for convinient carrying and safe storage
    Suitable for firmly holding anything within a suitable hole


1. Please check the size, type and shape as much as possible to make sure the item is the one that you need.

2. Easy to install, but professional installation is highly recommended!


1Pcs Car Rivets Kit (408pcs)

1Pcs Plastic Box

1Pcs Red screwdriver

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Part Fits For

Ford F-1501980~1992|1995~20173.5L|4.6L|4.9L|5.4L|6.2L
GMC Sierra 2500 HD2003~20176.0L|6.6L
GMC Sierra 3500 HD2007~20176.0L|6.6L
GMC Transit Bus1981--
GMC Typhoon1992~19934.3L
GMC W4500 Forward1992~19943.9L
GMC W5500 Forward1988~1999|2006~2008|20104.8L|5.2L|6.5L|7.1L
GMC W5500HD Forward2004~20094.8L|5.2L
GMC W6500 Forward1987~19965.8L|6.5L|7.1L
GMC W7500 Forward1984~19965.8L|6.5L|7.1L|8.4L
GMC Yukon1992~2010|2012~20175.3L|5.7L|6.0L|6.2L|6.5L
GMC Yukon XL2015~20175.3L|6.2L
GMC Yukon XL 15002000~20145.3L|6.0L|6.2L
GMC Yukon XL 25002000~20136.0L|8.1L
Honda CR-V1997~2001|2010~2011|2015~20171.5L|2.0L|2.4L
Hummer H12002~2004|20066.5L|6.6L
Hummer H22003~2007|20096.0L|6.2L
Hummer H32006~20103.5L|3.7L|5.3L
Hummer H3T2009~20103.7L
Jeep Cherokee1980~2001|2014~20172.1L|2.4L|2.5L|2.8L|3.2L|4.0L|4.2L|5.9L
Jeep Comanche1986~19922.1L|2.5L|4.0L
Jeep Commander2006~20103.7L|5.7L
Jeep Compass2007~20172.0L|2.4L
Jeep Grand Cherokee1993~2006|2008~20173.0L|3.6L|3.7L|4.0L|4.7L|5.7L|6.4L
Jeep Liberty2002~2006|2008~20122.8L|3.7L
Jeep Patriot2007~20172.0L|2.4L
Jeep Scrambler1981~19852.5L
Jeep TJ1997~20062.4L|2.5L|4.0L
Jeep Wrangler1987~1994|1998~2000|2002~20173.6L|3.8L|4.0L|4.2L
Land Rover Defender2011~20162.2L|2.4L
Land Rover Defender 11019933.9L
Land Rover Defender 901994~1995|19973.9L|4.0L
Land Rover LR22008~20152.0L|3.2L
Land Rover LR32005~20094.4L
Land Rover LR42010~20163.0L|5.0L
Mercedes-Benz G5001999~20155.0L|5.5L|6.0L
Mercedes-Benz G5502016~20174.0L
Mercedes-Benz GL3202007~20093.0L
Mercedes-Benz GL3502010~20163.0L
Mercedes-Benz GL4502015~20163.0L
Mitsubishi Montero1983~2006|2008~20162.6L|3.0L|3.5L|3.8L
Nissan 200SX1984~1988|1996~19981.6L|2.0L
Nissan 240SX1989~19982.4L
Nissan 350Z2003~20093.5L
Nissan 370Z2009~2010|20173.7L
Nissan 7201983~19862.4L
Nissan Almera2004~20051.8L
Nissan Altima1993~1995|1997~2001|2005~20062.4L|3.5L
Nissan Aprio2008~20101.6L
Nissan Armada2005~2015|20175.6L
Nissan Axxess19902.4L
Nissan Cabstar2009|2011~20162.5L
Nissan Cabstar E20092.5L
Nissan Cube2009~20141.8L
Nissan D211986~19942.4L|3.0L
Nissan Frontier1998~2010|2016~20172.4L|3.3L|4.0L
Nissan GT-R2009~20173.8L
Nissan Hikari1988~19921.6L
Nissan Ichi Van1988~19941.8L|2.4L
Nissan Juke2011~20171.6L
Nissan Kicks20171.6L
Nissan Lucino1996~20001.6L|2.0L
Nissan March2012~20171.6L
Nissan Maxima1984~2014|2016~20172.4L|3.0L|3.5L
Nissan Micra1984~1991|2005~20071.2L|1.4L
Nissan Multi1986~19882.0L
Nissan Murano2003~20173.5L
Nissan NP3002011~20162.5L
Nissan NP300 Frontier20162.5L
Nissan NV15002012~20174.0L
Nissan NV2002013~20172.0L
Nissan NV25002012|2015~20175.6L
Nissan NV35002012~20175.6L
Nissan Note2014~20171.6L
Nissan Pathfinder1987~2010|2012~20172.4L|3.0L|3.3L|3.5L|4.0L
Nissan Pathfinder Armada20045.6L
Nissan Pickup1996~20042.4L
Nissan Platina2002~20101.6L
Nissan Pulsar NX1983~1984|1988~19901.5L|1.6L|1.8L
Nissan Quest1993~2002|2004~2005|2007~2009|2011~20173.0L|3.3L|3.5L
Nissan Sentra1982~1984|1986|1989~1990|1994~2000|2008|2013~20171.5L|1.6L|1.7L|1.8L|2.0L
Nissan Stanza1983~1986|1989~19922.0L|2.4L
Nissan Tiida2014~20171.6L
Nissan Titan2004~2011|2013|2015|20175.6L
Nissan Titan XD2016~20175.6L
Nissan Tsubame1993~20041.6L
Nissan Tsuru1984~1991|1993~20171.5L|1.6L|2.0L
Nissan Urvan2000~20072.4L
Nissan Van1987~19882.4L
Nissan Versa2007~2008|2012~20171.6L|1.8L
Nissan X-Trail2009~20172.5L
Nissan Xterra2000~20152.4L|3.3L|4.0L
Subaru B9 Tribeca2006~20073.0L
Subaru BRZ2013~20172.0L
Subaru Baja2003~20062.5L
Subaru Brat1980~19871.8L
Subaru DL1981~19891.8L
Subaru GL1980~19891.8L
Subaru GL-101985~19891.8L
Subaru GLF1980~19821.6L|1.8L
Subaru Impreza1993~2007|2009~2014|20171.8L|2.0L|2.2L|2.5L
Subaru Legacy1990~2014|2016~20172.2L|2.5L
Subaru Loyale1990~19941.8L
Subaru Outback2000~2014|2016~20172.5L
Subaru RX1985~19891.8L
Subaru SVX1992~19973.3L
Subaru Standard1980~19871.6L|1.8L
Subaru Tribeca2008~20143.6L
Subaru WRX20172.0L
Subaru WRX STI2013~20172.5L
Subaru XT1985~19911.8L|2.7L
Subaru XV20152.0L
Toyota 4Runner1984~20172.4L|2.7L|3.0L|3.4L|4.0L|4.7L
Toyota 8620172.0L
Toyota Avalon1995~2012|2015~20173.0L|3.5L
Toyota Avanza2007~20171.5L
Toyota Camry1987~2013|20162.0L|2.2L|2.4L|2.5L|3.0L|3.3L|3.5L
Toyota Celica1980~1985|1987~20051.8L|2.0L|2.2L|2.4L|2.6L|2.8L
Toyota Corolla1984~1991|1993~20081.6L|1.8L
Toyota Cressida1980~19922.6L|2.8L|3.0L
Toyota Echo2000~20031.5L
Toyota FJ Cruiser2007~20144.0L
Toyota Hiace2006~2009|20172.7L
Toyota Highlander2001~2011|20132.4L|2.7L|3.0L|3.3L|3.5L
Toyota Hilux2004~2009|20172.7L
Toyota Land Cruiser1980~2011|2013~20172.4L|3.4L|4.0L|4.2L|4.5L|4.7L|5.7L
Toyota MR21985~1989|1991~19951.6L|2.0L|2.2L
Toyota MR2 Spyder2000~20061.8L
Toyota Matrix2003~20131.8L|2.4L
Toyota Paseo1992~19991.5L
Toyota Pickup1980~1992|1994~19952.2L|2.4L|3.0L
Toyota Previa1991~19972.4L
Toyota RAV41996~20142.0L|2.4L|2.5L|3.5L
Toyota Rush20091.5L
Toyota Sequoia2001~20174.6L|4.7L|5.7L
Toyota Sienna1998~20173.0L|3.3L|3.5L
Toyota Solara1999~20082.2L|3.0L|3.3L
Toyota Supra1986~19983.0L
Toyota T1001993~19982.7L|3.0L|3.4L
Toyota Tacoma1995~20172.4L|2.7L|3.4L|3.5L|4.0L
Toyota Tercel1988|1993~19991.5L
Toyota Tundra2000~20064.7L
Toyota Van1984~19892.0L|2.2L
Toyota Van Wagon19882.2L
Toyota Venza2009~20162.7L|3.5L
Toyota Yaris2004~20171.3L|1.5L
Toyota Yaris iA20171.5L

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