3.5cm Universal Carbon Fiber Screw Aluminum Car Short Stubby Mast Antenna 12V

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  • Fitments:2001-2016 Acura MDX2007-2010,2013-2016 Acura RDX, etc.
  • Used to receive car radio signals, supports AM/FM frequency, and does not affect the use of GPS.
  • Easy to install, take off the old original one and screw on the spiral replacement antenna in seconds.
  • Avoid hearing static noise when changing stations.
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2020 Buick Encore Essence 4Cyl 1.4L

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2020 Buick Encore Essence 4Cyl 1.4L

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car antenna for acura mdx 1pcs


100% Brand New

Product Specifics

  • Antenna Type: Roof Aerial
  • Antenna Style: Stubby Antenna
  • Manufacturer Part Number: E10736401CP
  • Antenna Technology: AM/FM Antenna
  • Warranty: 6 Month
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
  • Attachment Method: Screws
  • Modified Item: No
  • Length (inches): 1.38 inch
  • UPC: Does not apply
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Feature: Screw-in Type
  • Color: Black
  • Total length: about 3.5cm / 1.38"
  • Top Width: about 1cm / 0.39"
  • Bottom diameter: about 1.5cm / 0.55"


This is an antenna that universally fits for most of the car models whose origin antenna is capable of being dismantled and re-installed, such as VW, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Chevrolet, Ford, Mini MINI, Nissan, Mitsubishi, etc.


1 x Carbon Fiber Car Radio Aerial Antenna

3 x Screws

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Part Fits For

Acura MDX2001~20163.5L|3.7L
Acura RDX2007~2010|2013~20162.3L|3.5L
Acura ZDX2010~20133.7L
Alfa Romeo 1472002|2004~2005|20072.0L
Alfa Romeo 1562002|20042.0L
Alfa Romeo 1592007~2008|20122.2L|3.2L
Alfa Romeo 16620023.0L
Alfa Romeo 4C2015~20161.7L
Alfa Romeo 8C20084.7L
Alfa Romeo Brera2007~20083.2L
Alfa Romeo GT2007~20082.0L|3.2L
Alfa Romeo Giulietta2012~20161.7L|1.8L
Alfa Romeo Mito2012~2013|2015~20161.4L
Alfa Romeo Spider2007~20083.2L
Alfa Romeo Sportwagon20022.0L
Aston Martin DB71997~1998|2000~20043.2L|6.0L
Aston Martin DB92005~2014|20166.0L
Aston Martin DBS2008~20126.0L
Aston Martin One-7720117.3L
Aston Martin Rapide2011~20166.0L
Aston Martin V12 Vantage2010~2013|2015~20166.0L
Aston Martin V8 Vantage2006~20164.3L|4.7L
Aston Martin Vanquish2001~2006|2014~20166.0L
Aston Martin Virage20126.0L
Audi A32002~20161.4L|1.8L|2.0L
Audi A3 Quattro2004~2013|2015~20162.0L
Audi A3 Sportback e-tron20161.4L
Audi A42003~2010|2012|2014~20161.8L|2.0L
Audi A4 Quattro2003~20161.8L|2.0L|3.0L|3.2L
Audi A4 allroad2013~20162.0L
Audi A62003~2008|2012~20162.0L|2.8L|3.0L|3.2L
Audi A6 Quattro2003~20162.0L|3.0L|3.2L
BMW 1 Series M20113.0L
BMW 118i2012~20151.6L
BMW 120i20161.6L
BMW 125i2011|20131.6L|3.0L
BMW 128i2008~20133.0L
BMW 130i2006~20103.0L
BMW 135i2010~20133.0L
BMW 135is20133.0L
BMW 320i2001~2005|2013~20142.0L|2.2L
BMW 323Ci20002.5L
BMW 325xi2001~20062.5L|3.0L
BMW 328i2007~2011|20132.0L|3.0L
BMW 328i xDrive2009~20123.0L
BMW 328xi2007~20083.0L
BMW 330Ci2001~20063.0L
BMW 330i2001~20053.0L
BMW 330xi2001~20063.0L
BMW 335d2010~20113.0L
BMW 335i2007~20143.0L
BMW 335i GT xDrive2014~20163.0L
BMW 335i xDrive2009~20153.0L
BMW 335is2011~20133.0L
BMW 335xi2007~20083.0L
BMW 525i2002~20092.5L
BMW 525xi2006~20073.0L
BMW 528i2008~20113.0L
BMW 528i xDrive2009~20103.0L
BMW 528xi20083.0L
BMW 530i2001~20103.0L
BMW 530xi2006~20073.0L
BMW 535d2014~20163.0L
BMW 535d xDrive2014~20163.0L
BMW 535i2008~2011|2015~20163.0L
BMW 535i GT2010~2012|2014~20163.0L
BMW 535i GT xDrive2011~20163.0L
BMW 535i xDrive2009~20163.0L
BMW 535xi20083.0L
BMW 540i1999~20034.4L
BMW 545i2004~20064.4L
BMW 550i2010~20154.4L|4.8L
BMW 550i GT2010~20144.4L
BMW 550i GT xDrive2010~20164.4L
BMW 550i xDrive2011~20164.4L
BMW X32004~2010|20132.5L|3.0L
BMW X52001~20103.0L|4.4L
BMW Z42003~2010|2013~20162.0L|2.5L|3.0L
Buick Enclave2012~20133.6L
Buick Encore2013~20161.4L
Cadillac Escalade2000|2002~2009|2011~20165.3L|5.7L|6.0L|6.2L
Chevrolet Cruze2010~20161.4L|1.8L|2.0L
Chevrolet Impala1994~1996|2000~2011|2014~20162.4L|2.5L|3.4L|3.5L|5.7L
Chevrolet Malibu2000~2008|2013~20161.8L|2.2L|2.4L|2.5L|3.1L|3.5L
Chevrolet Silverado 15002000~2010|2013~20144.3L|4.8L|5.3L|6.0L
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Classic20075.3L
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 HD2001~2003|2005~20066.0L
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 HD Classic20076.0L
Chevrolet Silverado 25001999|2006~2009|2015~20164.8L|5.3L
Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD2014~20166.0L
Chevrolet Silverado 35002001~2007|20135.7L|6.0L
Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Classic20076.0L
Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD2007~20136.0L
Chevrolet Suburban20155.3L
Chevrolet Suburban 15002000~2002|2006~2009|2013~20145.3L|5.7L
Chevrolet Suburban 25002000~2008|2010~20136.0L
Chevrolet Suburban 3500 HD20166.0L
Chevrolet Tahoe2000~2009|2011~20164.8L|5.3L|6.0L
Dodge Avenger2000|2009~20142.4L|2.5L|3.5L
Dodge Dakota2001~2007|2009~20102.5L|3.7L|3.9L
Dodge Grand Caravan2000~20163.0L|3.3L|3.6L|3.8L
Dodge Ram 15002000~2005|2008~20103.7L|3.9L|4.7L|5.7L
Dodge Ram 1500 Van2000~20033.9L
Dodge Ram 25002000~20105.7L|5.9L
Dodge Ram 2500 Van2000~20033.9L|5.2L
FIAT 500L20151.4L
FIAT Ducato20152.3L
Fiat 5002009~2011|2013~2014|20161.4L
Fiat 500L2014|20161.4L
Fiat Bravo20091.4L
Fiat Ducato2008~2009|2011|2013~2014|20162.3L
Fiat Panda2007~2009|2011~20121.2L
Fiat Punto20131.4L
Fiat Stilo20072.4L
Ford Escape2001~20132.0L|2.3L|2.5L|3.0L
Ford F-1501991~20163.5L|4.2L|4.6L|4.9L|5.0L|5.4L|5.8L
Ford F-150 Heritage20045.4L
Ford F-2501990~1992|1994|1996~1999|2002~20064.6L|4.9L|5.4L|5.8L
Ford Fiesta1999~2001|2003~2011|2013~20151.3L|1.6L
Ford Focus2005~20162.0L|ELEC
Ford Lobo20005.4L
Ford Ranger1990~20092.3L|2.5L|3.0L|4.0L|ELEC
Ford Taurus1991~20162.0L|3.0L|3.5L|3.8L
Ford Taurus X2008~20093.5L
Honda Accord Crosstour2010~20113.5L
Honda CR-V2002~2005|2007~20082.4L
Honda Civic2002~2010|2012~20151.5L|1.7L|1.8L
Honda Fit2007~20141.5L
Honda HR-V20161.8L
Honda Odyssey2002~20133.5L
Honda Pilot2003~2011|20163.5L
Hummer H12002~2004|20066.5L|6.6L
Hummer H22003~2005|2007~20096.0L|6.2L
Hummer H32006~20073.5L|3.7L
Hummer H3T2009~20103.7L|5.3L
Hyundai Accent2002|2007~20161.6L
Hyundai Elantra2003~2004|2007~20161.8L|2.0L
Hyundai Santa Fe2001~2012|2014~20162.4L|2.7L|3.3L|3.5L
Hyundai Santa Fe XL2013~20163.3L
Hyundai Sonata2002~2013|2015~20161.6L|2.0L|2.4L|3.3L
Infiniti EX352008~20123.5L
Infiniti EX3720133.7L
Infiniti FX352003~20123.5L
Infiniti FX3720133.7L
Infiniti M352006~20103.5L
Infiniti M35h2012~20133.5L
Infiniti M3720113.7L
Infiniti M452003~2004|2006~20104.5L
Infiniti M5620115.6L
Infiniti Q4020153.7L
Infiniti Q452002~20064.5L
Infiniti Q502014~20162.0L|3.5L|3.7L
Infiniti Q602014~20153.7L
Infiniti Q702014~20163.7L
Infiniti Q70L2015~20163.7L|5.6L
Infiniti QX502014~20163.7L
Infiniti QX562004~20135.6L
Infiniti QX602014~20163.5L
Infiniti QX702014~20163.7L
Infiniti QX802014~20165.6L
Jaguar F-Type2014~20163.0L
Jaguar S-Type1999~20003.0L|4.0L
Jaguar Vanden Plas1999~20034.0L
Jaguar X-Type2001~2005|20082.5L|3.0L
Jaguar XE20162.0L
Jaguar XF2011~20152.0L|3.0L|5.0L
Jaguar XFR2010~20155.0L
Jaguar XFR-S2013~20155.0L
Jaguar XJ2010~20163.0L|5.0L
Jaguar XJ81998~20034.0L
Jaguar XJR1999~2003|2014~20164.0L|5.0L
Jaguar XK2010~20155.0L
Jaguar XK81997~20024.0L
Jaguar XKR2000~2002|2013~20153.0L|4.0L|5.0L
Jaguar XKR-S2012~2013|20155.0L
Jeep Cherokee2000~2001|2015~20162.4L|4.0L
Jeep Grand Cherokee2000~2013|20163.0L|3.6L|3.7L|4.0L|4.7L
Kia Optima2002~20162.0L|2.4L|2.7L
Kia Rio2001~20161.5L|1.6L
Kia Sorento2003~2009|2011~20162.0L|2.4L|3.3L|3.5L|3.8L
Kia Sportage2000~2002|2005~20162.0L|2.4L|2.7L
Land Rover Defender2011~20162.2L|2.4L
Land Rover Discovery1997~2004|2014~20163.0L|4.0L|4.6L
Land Rover Freelander1999~20061.8L|2.5L
Land Rover LR22008~20152.0L|3.2L
Land Rover LR32005|2008~20094.4L
Land Rover LR42010~20163.0L|5.0L
Land Rover Range Rover2000~2004|2006~2008|2010|2014~20164.0L|4.4L|4.6L|5.0L
Land Rover Range Rover Sport2006~2010|2012|2014~20164.4L|5.0L
Lexus CT200h2011~20161.8L
Lexus ES300h2013~20162.5L
Lexus ES3302004~20063.3L
Lexus ES3502007~20163.5L
Lexus GS F20165.0L
Lexus GS3001999~20063.0L
Lexus GS3502007~2011|2013~20163.5L
Lexus GS4302001~20074.3L
Lexus GS450h2007~2011|2013~20163.5L
Lexus GS4602008~20114.6L
Lexus GX4602010~20164.6L
Lexus GX4702003~20094.7L
Lexus HS250h2010~20122.4L
Lexus IS F2008~20145.0L
Lexus IS2502006~20152.5L
Lexus IS3002001~2005|20163.0L|3.5L
Lexus IS3502006~20163.5L
Lexus LFA20124.8L
Lexus LS4302001~20064.3L
Lexus LS4602007~20164.6L
Lexus LS600h2008~20165.0L
Lexus LX4701998~20074.7L
Lexus LX5702008~2011|2013~20165.7L
Lexus NX300h2015~20162.5L
Lexus RC F2015~20165.0L
Lexus RC30020163.5L
Lexus RC3502015~20163.5L
Lexus RX3302004~20063.3L
Lexus RX3502007~20163.5L
Lexus RX400h2006~20083.3L
Lexus RX450h2010~20163.5L
Lexus SC4302002~20104.3L
Lincoln MKC2015~20162.3L
Lincoln MKS2009~2013|2015~20163.5L|3.7L
Lincoln MKX2007~2010|2012~20162.7L|3.5L|3.7L
Lincoln MKZ20083.5L
Lincoln Town Car2004~20114.6L
Lotus Elise2004~20111.8L
Lotus Esprit1995|1997~20042.2L|3.5L
Lotus Evora2010~2014|20163.5L
Lotus Exige2005~20101.8L
Maybach 572003~20125.5L|6.0L
Maybach 622003~20125.5L|6.0L
Mazda 22011~20161.5L
Mazda 32004~2010|2012|2014~20162.0L|2.3L|2.5L
Mazda 52007~2010|2012~20152.3L|2.5L
Mazda 62011~20162.5L|3.7L
Mazda CX-52013~20162.0L|2.5L
Mazda MX-52006~2008|2011~20162.0L
Mazda MX-5 Miata2006~20162.0L
Mazda Miata1997|1999~20051.8L
Mini Cooper2004~20161.5L|1.6L
Mini Cooper Clubman20161.5L
Mini Cooper Countryman2011~20161.6L
Mini Cooper Paceman2013~20161.6L
Mitsubishi Galant2003~20122.4L
Mitsubishi Lancer2002|2004~2009|2011~20162.0L
Mitsubishi Mirage1999~2002|2014~20161.2L|1.5L
Mitsubishi Montero2000~2006|2008~20163.5L|3.8L
Mitsubishi Montero Sport2000~2008|2012~2013|20153.0L|3.5L
Mitsubishi Outlander2003|2005~20162.4L|3.0L
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport2011~20162.0L
Nissan Altima2003~2007|20092.5L|3.5L
Nissan Maxima2002~20093.5L
Nissan Pathfinder2003|2005~20123.5L|4.0L|5.6L
Nissan Pathfinder Armada20045.6L
Nissan Rogue2008~2011|2015~20162.5L
Nissan Sentra20041.8L
Peugeot 2062000~20091.4L|1.6L
Peugeot 2072008|2012~20141.6L
Peugeot 30619971.6L
Peugeot 3072003~20102.0L
Peugeot 3082009~2014|20161.6L
Peugeot 40620042.9L
Peugeot Grand Raid2010~20121.6L
Ram Dakota20113.7L
Ram ProMaster 15002014~20163.0L|3.6L
Ram ProMaster 25002014~20163.0L|3.6L
Ram ProMaster 35002014~20163.0L|3.6L
Ram ProMaster City2015~20162.4L
Renault Clio2002~2010|20151.6L
Renault Duster2013~20162.0L
Renault Euro Clio20071.6L
Renault Kangoo2007~20091.6L
Renault Kangoo Express2004~20151.5L|1.6L
Renault Laguna2003~20062.9L
Renault Megane2001~20102.0L
Renault Scenic2001~20042.0L
Renault Scenic II2005~20082.0L
Renault Stepway2014~20161.6L
Renault Trafic2009~20141.9L
Rover 752000|2003~20052.5L
Rover Mini19991.3L
Saab 9-2X2005~20062.0L|2.5L
Saab 9-31999~20022.0L
Saab 9-4X20112.8L
Saab 9-51999~20112.3L|2.8L
Saab 9-7x2005~20094.2L|5.3L
Seat Alhambra2003~20081.8L|2.8L
Seat Altea2005~2006|2010~20121.4L|2.0L
Seat Cordoba2001~20091.6L|2.0L
Seat Ibiza2008~20151.2L|1.4L|1.6L|2.0L
Seat Leon2001|2003~20151.8L|2.0L
Seat Toledo2001~2002|2004|2006|2013|2015~20161.6L|1.8L|2.0L
Shelby Series 11999~20004.0L
Smart Cabrio2004~20050.7L
Smart City-Coupe20040.7L
Smart Crossblade20040.6L
Smart Forfour2005~20071.5L
Smart Fortwo2005~20150.8L|1.0L
Smart Roadster20040.7L
Subaru Impreza2000~2014|20162.0L|2.2L|2.5L
Subaru Legacy1999~20162.0L|2.2L|2.5L
Subaru Outback2002~20162.5L|3.0L
Subaru WRX2014~20162.0L|2.5L
Subaru XV20152.0L
Suzuki Ciaz20161.4L
Suzuki Forenza2004~20082.0L
Suzuki Grand Vitara2000~2006|2009|2011|2013~20152.4L|2.5L|2.7L
Suzuki Swift2007~20161.4L|1.5L
Suzuki XL-72005~20092.7L|3.2L|3.6L
Tesla Roadster2008~2011ELEC
Tesla S2012~2014|2016ELEC
Tesla X2016ELEC
Toyota 4Runner2001~20163.4L|4.0L|4.7L
Toyota Camry2000~2001|2005~20162.2L|2.4L|2.5L
Toyota Corolla2000~20131.8L
Toyota Prius2001~20161.5L|1.8L
Toyota Prius C2012~20161.5L
Toyota Prius Plug-In2012~20151.8L
Toyota Prius V2012~20161.8L
Toyota RAV42000~20162.0L|2.4L|2.5L|ELEC
Toyota Sienna2003~20152.7L|3.0L|3.3L|3.5L
Toyota Tacoma2010~20152.7L|4.0L
Toyota Tundra2003~2004|2006~20163.4L|4.0L|4.7L|5.7L
Volkswagen Golf2002~2007|2010~20161.8L|2.0L|2.5L
Volkswagen Jetta2004~20162.0L|2.5L
Volkswagen Jetta City2007~20092.0L
Volkswagen Passat2003~2010|20161.8L|2.0L|3.6L
Volkswagen Polo2003~2007|2013~20151.2L|1.4L|1.6L|2.0L
Volvo C302007|2010|20132.4L|2.5L
Volvo S401999~2005|2010~20121.9L|2.0L|2.4L|2.5L
Volvo S602001~2005|2007|2009|2011~20141.6L|2.0L|2.4L|2.5L
Volvo V401999~2004|2014~20161.5L|1.6L|1.9L
Volvo V40 Cross Country2013~20151.6L|2.0L
Volvo V502005~20112.4L|2.5L
Volvo V702002|2004~20102.4L|2.5L|3.2L
Volvo XC702003~20092.5L|3.2L
Volvo XC902003|2005~2007|2010~20142.5L|2.9L|3.2L|4.4L

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