1997 16" Universal Black Rubber Car Radio AM/FM Amplified Signal Aerial Antenna

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  • Fitments: 1997,2001 Acura CL,1991,1993,1997,2001 Acura Integra,etc.
  • Used to receive car radio signals, supports AM/FM frequency, and does not affect the use of GPS.
  • Easy to install, take off the old original one and screw on the spiral replacement antenna in seconds.
  • Avoid hearing static noise when changing stations.
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car antenna for acura cl 1pcs


It can be mounted on the roof or fenders of the car.

With 180 degree swivel base.

With it, we can have great signal reception as well.

It is easily to mount in variety of locations.

It can deliver great AM/FM stereo reception.

16 inches antenna and 50 inches antenna extension cable included.

Applies to: automotive and other FM signal reception, increase the reception distance, enhanced sensitivity of weak signals

Universal car auto roof radio AM / FM antenna fit for most cars.

Product Specifics

  • Feature: With 180 degree swivel base, Amplify Signal
  • Material: Rubber
  • Manufacturer Part Number: E10238709CP
  • Rotation angle: 0-180 Degree (adjustable)
  • MW: 525KHz-1605KHz
  • Warranty: 6 Month
  • Mounting angle: 0-30 Degree (adjustable)
  • Antenna Type: Roof Aerial
  • Antenna Length: Approx.39.5cm/ 15.55inch
  • Color: Black
  • Total length: 43卤1cm / 16.9inch卤0.39inch
  • Cable Length: Approx. 122.2cm/ 48.03ft
  • UPC: Does not apply


1x Car radio AM-FM antenna.

1 x Antenna Extension Cable.

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Part Fits For

Acura CL1997|20012.2L|3.0L|3.2L
Acura Integra1991|1993|1997|20011.8L
Acura Legend1988~1989|19932.7L|3.2L
Acura MDX2004|20103.5L|3.7L
Acura NSX1993|1998|2000|20043.0L|3.2L
Acura RDX20072.3L
Acura RL1998|2000|2003~2004|20073.5L
Acura RSX2003|20062.0L
Acura SLX1996|19983.2L|3.5L
Acura TL1995~1996|1999~2000|2002~2003|2006~20072.5L|3.2L|3.5L
Acura TSX2005~2006|20082.4L
Acura Vigor19922.5L
Audi A320081.4L|1.8L|2.0L
Audi A41996|1999|2002|2005|2008~20101.8L|2.0L|2.8L|3.0L|3.2L
Audi A4 Quattro1996~1997|1999|2001~2002|2005|2009~20101.8L|2.0L|2.8L|3.0L|3.2L
Audi A5 Quattro20102.0L
Audi A61995|1997|1999|20012.8L
Audi A6 Quattro1995|1997|2001|2004|20072.7L|2.8L|3.0L|3.2L|4.2L
Audi A819983.7L
Audi A8 Quattro1998|2004|2006~20074.2L
Audi Q72007~20083.0L|3.6L|4.2L
Audi RS420084.2L
Audi S41992|1994|2000|2004|2006|20082.2L|2.7L|4.2L
Audi S52009~20103.0L|4.2L
Audi S62003|2009~20104.2L|5.2L
Audi S82003|20094.2L|5.2L
Audi TT2000|20061.8L
Audi TT Quattro2000|2002~2003|20101.8L|2.0L
Buick Century1990|1992~1993|1997|2000|2002|2004~20052.2L|2.5L|3.1L|3.3L
Buick Enclave20093.6L
Buick LaCrosse2005|2007|20093.6L|3.8L|5.3L
Buick Lucerne2007|20103.8L|3.9L|4.6L
Buick Park Avenue1996~1997|2000~2001|2003~20053.8L
Buick Rainier2004|20074.2L|5.3L
Buick Regal1990|1992|1995~1996|2000~2001|2003~20043.1L|3.8L
Buick Rendezvous20033.4L
Buick Riviera1990~1992|1995~19963.8L
Cadillac CTS2003|2006|2008|20102.8L|3.0L|3.2L|3.6L|6.0L|6.2L
Cadillac DTS2006|2008|20104.6L
Cadillac DeVille1991|1995|1999|20014.6L|4.9L
Cadillac Eldorado1991|1994|1998~19994.6L|4.9L
Cadillac Escalade1999|2002|2006|20085.3L|5.7L|6.0L|6.2L
Cadillac SRX2004~2005|20083.6L|4.6L
Cadillac STS2005|2007|20093.6L|4.4L|4.6L
Cadillac Seville1991|1994|1998~1999|20024.6L|4.9L
Cadillac XLR2004~2005|2007|20094.4L|4.6L
Chevrolet Astro1986~1987|1989|1993~1994|1997~1998|2002|20042.5L|4.3L
Chevrolet Avalanche2007|20095.3L|6.0L
Chevrolet Avalanche 150020025.3L
Chevrolet Avalanche 250020038.1L
Chevrolet Aveo2006~20071.6L
Chevrolet Aveo520101.6L
Chevrolet Blazer1993|1997~1998|2000|20034.3L|5.7L
Chevrolet C15001989|1992~1993|1996~19974.1L|4.3L|5.0L|5.7L|6.2L|6.5L|7.4L
Chevrolet C1500 Suburban1992|1995~19975.7L|6.5L
Chevrolet C25001990|1992|1995~1996|20004.3L|5.0L|5.7L|6.2L|6.5L|7.4L
Chevrolet C2500 Suburban1995~1996|19995.7L|6.5L|7.4L
Chevrolet C35001988|1990|1994~1995|1999~20005.7L|6.2L|6.5L|7.4L
Chevrolet Camaro1994|1998~1999|2001|20103.4L|3.6L|3.8L|5.7L|6.2L
Chevrolet Caprice1993~19944.3L|5.0L|5.7L
Lexus ES30020013.0L
Lexus ES35020103.5L
Lexus GS3001999|20013.0L
Lexus GS40019994.0L
Lexus GS43020014.3L
Lexus GX4702005|2007|20094.7L
Lexus IS F2008~20105.0L
Lexus IS2502007~20102.5L
Lexus IS3002004~20053.0L
Lexus IS3502007~2008|20103.5L
Lexus LS4001995|19994.0L
Lexus LS4302003~20064.3L
Lexus LX4702003~2004|20064.7L
Lexus RX3002000|2002~20033.0L
Lexus RX33020063.3L
Lexus SC3001994~1995|20003.0L
Lexus SC4001994~1995|1998|20004.0L
Lexus SC4302002|2008|20104.3L
Lincoln LS20023.0L|3.9L
Lincoln MKS2009~20103.5L|3.7L
Lincoln MKT20103.5L|3.7L
Lincoln MKX2007~20103.5L
Lincoln MKZ2007|20093.5L
Lincoln Mark LT20085.4L
Lincoln Navigator1998|20075.4L
Lincoln Town Car1998~1999|2001|2005~20064.6L
Mazda 32004~20062.0L|2.3L
Mazda 520062.3L
Mazda 62004~20052.3L|3.0L
Mazda CX-72008~20102.3L|2.5L
Mazda CX-92007~20103.5L|3.7L
Mazda MX-319931.6L|1.8L
Mazda MX-5 Miata2007~20102.0L
Mazda MX-61988|1991~1993|19972.0L|2.2L|2.5L
Mazda Miata1991|1993~1994|1999|2001|2003~20041.6L|1.8L
Mazda Protege1999|2001|20031.6L|1.8L|2.0L
Mazda Protege520032.0L
Mazda RX-71987~19881.3L
Mazda RX-820071.3L
Mini Cooper2002~2003|2005|20081.6L
Mitsubishi 3000GT19973.0L
Mitsubishi Eclipse1997|2000~2003|2006|20082.0L|2.4L|3.0L|3.8L
Mitsubishi Galant1999~2001|2003~2004|20062.4L|3.0L|3.8L
Mitsubishi Lancer2004|20062.0L|2.4L
Mitsubishi Mirage1997|1999~20001.5L|1.8L
Mitsubishi Montero1999~2000|20043.5L|3.8L
Mitsubishi Montero Sport1999|20042.4L|3.0L|3.5L
Nissan 240SX19982.4L
Nissan 350Z2007|20093.5L
Nissan 370Z2009~20103.7L
Nissan Altima1996|1998|2002|2005|2007|2009~20102.4L|3.5L
Nissan Armada2005|2007|2009~20105.6L
Nissan Cube20101.8L
Nissan Frontier1998|2002~2003|2005|20082.4L|3.3L|4.0L
Nissan Maxima1998|2001~2003|2005~2006|20083.0L|3.5L
Nissan Murano2003|20063.5L
Nissan Pathfinder1997|2001|2004|2006|20083.3L|3.5L|4.0L|5.6L
Nissan Sentra1997|2000|2004|2006|20091.6L|1.8L|2.0L
Nissan Versa2007|2009~20101.8L
Nissan Xterra2000|2007|20102.4L|3.3L|4.0L
Pontiac Firebird1999~20003.8L|5.7L
Pontiac G520072.2L|2.4L
Pontiac G62005|20082.4L|3.5L|3.6L|3.9L
Pontiac G820083.6L|6.0L
Pontiac Grand Am1999|20052.2L|2.4L|3.4L
Pontiac Grand Prix1997|1999|2002|2005|20083.1L|3.8L|5.3L
Pontiac Solstice2006|2008~20092.0L|2.4L
Pontiac Sunfire2002~20032.2L|2.4L
Pontiac Trans Sport19973.4L
Pontiac Vibe2003~2004|2006|20091.8L|2.4L
Toyota 4Runner1996|1999|2004|20092.7L|3.4L|4.0L|4.7L
Toyota Camry2004~2005|20082.4L|3.0L|3.3L|3.5L
Toyota Celica1991|1994~1996|20051.6L|1.8L|2.0L|2.2L
Toyota Corolla1985~1986|1989|1994~1997|2005~2006|20081.6L|1.8L
Toyota FJ Cruiser20084.0L
Toyota Highlander2001~2002|2006|20102.4L|2.7L|3.0L|3.3L|3.5L
Toyota Land Cruiser1995|1997|2000~2003|2006~2007|20104.5L|4.7L|5.7L
Toyota MR21993~19942.0L|2.2L
Toyota MR2 Spyder2000~20041.8L
Toyota Matrix2003|2007|20101.8L|2.4L
Toyota RAV41997~1998|2000|2004~2005|20092.0L|2.4L|2.5L|3.5L
Toyota Solara2005|20082.4L|3.3L
Toyota Supra1990|1992~1993|19983.0L
Toyota Tacoma1998|2005|2008~20092.4L|2.7L|3.4L|4.0L
Toyota Tundra20084.0L|4.7L|5.7L
Volkswagen Beetle1999|2001~2003|2006|20101.8L|1.9L|2.0L|2.5L
Volkswagen CC20102.0L|3.6L
Volkswagen Eos2007|2009~20102.0L|3.2L
Volkswagen GTI2006~2007|20092.0L
Volkswagen Golf1999|2001~2003|20061.8L|1.9L|2.0L
Volkswagen Jetta1999~2004|2007|20091.8L|1.9L|2.0L|2.5L
Volkswagen Passat2000|20041.8L|2.0L|2.8L|4.0L
Volkswagen R3220083.2L
Volkswagen Rabbit20082.5L
Volkswagen Tiguan20102.0L
Volkswagen Touareg2004~2005|2008|20103.0L|3.2L|3.6L|4.2L|4.9L|5.0L

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