How To Use Car Air Conditioners Correctly? The Following 6 Tips Need To Be Mastered.

When driving in summer, most people can’t hold on without turning on the air conditioner, because the temperature inside the car is higher than that outside the car. First of all, you must turn on the A/C switch to turn on the air conditioner. This is the compressor switch. Only turning on the blower to blow air does not cool. This is something novice drivers should pay attention to, because there is really no idea to turn on the A/C switch. Knowing how to turn on the air conditioner, there are also some tips and precautions for the use of the air conditioner.

1.When to turn on the air conditioner.

Regardless of whether the car is exposed to high temperatures in the sun or not in the garage, the air conditioner can be turned on immediately after the engine speed has stabilized a little more than ten seconds after it is on fire. At this time, the air volume can be increased, and all four windows can be lowered. The large air volume can blow out the dirt and harmful gases in the pipeline, and then evacuate it from the windows to the outside of the car. If the car is exposed to the sun, the temperature inside the car will be higher than the outside world. After opening the window, the heat inside the car The air can also go out through the windows, which can shorten the cooling time of the air conditioner. This time does not need to be too long, about one or two minutes will be enough. At this time, there is also cold air coming out of the air-conditioning outlet, you can close the window and turn the air volume to a suitable position.

2.When to turn off the air conditioner

Turn off the AC switch of the air conditioner two or three minutes before arriving at the destination. At this time, leave the air volume switch on and let the blower continue to blow. This will allow the wind to dry the evaporator and prevent the growth of bacteria. Because the temperature of the evaporator is low, the surrounding water vapor will condense into small water droplets, so water will drip out when the air conditioner is turned on. If the water still exists after parking the car, it will produce mold over time, which will affect your health.

3.What's wrong with insufficient cooling?

The cooling effect of different models is different. If the air volume is good, the first gear will be very cold. If the effect is not good, you need to turn on the second gear to not feel hot. And if you drive in the sun, the air conditioner will still be turned on. It's hot. If the cooling effect of the car itself is not good, there is no solution. If the cooling effect is worse than before, you should first check the air conditioner core to see if it is dirty. If the air conditioner core is dirty, the air output will be affected. If the air output is small, the cooling effect will be poor. Secondly, if it is an old car, you should check whether the condenser is blocked. If the condenser is blocked, it will affect the heat dissipation and cause poor cooling effect. You only need to clean it. The condenser is behind the water tank and in front of the electric fan. It's not easy to see. There is no problem with the above. To check whether it is caused by insufficient refrigerant, we cannot handle it ourselves. We need a special pressure measuring device to detect. If the refrigerant is insufficient, we need to add refrigerant.

4.What should I do if the air conditioner has a peculiar smell?

Air-conditioning odor is caused by a dirty part of the air-conditioning duct, which is usually a dirty air-conditioning core or a dirty evaporator. You can replace the air conditioner core first to see if the peculiar smell disappears. If the peculiar smell still exists, you need to clean the air conditioner evaporator. Replacing the air conditioner core and cleaning the air conditioner can be solved by yourself. Buy a good air conditioner core and cleaning agent, spray it and replace it. The air-conditioning core must be replaced at least twice a year, once in winter and once in summer to ensure fresh air in the car. If the car environment is not good, the frequency of replacement needs to be increased.

5.The use of internal and external circulation.

In fact, it is very simple. When the quality of the air outside the car is good, the external circulation is used, which can allow the fresh air from the outside to continuously enter the compartment and keep the air in the compartment fresh. When the air quality outside the car is poor, the internal circulation is used to prevent the outside air from entering the compartment, but the air inside the car is circulating. When the wind direction hits the glass blowing position, it will automatically switch to the outer circulation mode at this time, and it cannot be manually switched to the inner circulation, that is, the glass blowing can only be the outer circulation. This phenomenon is not a malfunction.

6.Which direction should the wind blow?

According to the principle of sinking cold air, blowing upwards or horizontally, the temperature of the entire compartment will be lower, including the rear seat position. If it blows downwards, the people in the back seat may feel hot. Therefore, if the temperature is high and there are people sitting in the back seat, do not blow your feet. Adjust the wind direction to the position where you only blow your face, and adjust the air outlet to the horizontal or slightly upward blowing direction. But don't blow directly at the driver, because you will feel uncomfortable, and you will be very cold, and the people behind are still hot.