As the hot summer comes to an end, people across the country are about to usher in their favorite fall celebrations. Whether planning a road trip or getting ready for your favorite Halloween or Thanksgiving tradition, there's a lot to look forward to. However, changing seasons can also affect your vehicle. As with any time of year, proper maintenance can help you avoid any sudden breakdowns and costly repairs that your car insurance won't cover.

With summer but a fading memory, it’s now time to start thinking about getting your car ready for the colder months ahead. Here are the 4 quick tips for preparing your vehicle for fall, before the weather lowers and the leaves start to change.

Oil Change

Your engine's happiness and smooth operation depend on regular oil changes, which are an essential component of routine maintenance. To check the condition and level of your oil on earlier models, open the hood of your car and check the dipstick. It's probably time for a change if the oil appears gritty, thick, or abrasive. You can check the in-car computer in newer models to see when the oil needs to be changed.


You'll be more secure on the road if your tires are in good condition. Checking on the condition of your tires should be on your checklist for routine auto maintenance because tires weaken over time and frequently lose pressure. Thoroughly examine your tires carefully. It might be time for a tire rotation or replacement if you notice any uneven tread patterns. Safety depends on having traction on slick, rainy highways or ice streets.


An issue that might have looked minor in the summer could soon lead to a dead battery in the winter. A fading battery might be to fault if you notice your lights are getting dim or you hear a strange noise when you start your car. You can prevent being left in the cold by picking the best auto repair company to replace the battery.

Wiper Blades

With each sweep, wiper blades should thoroughly clean the glass. Make sure the reservoir for the windshield washers is full.


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